Banking Services

Main banking services offered by the Bank include:

  • Technical lending;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Digital platform online services for payments and charges;
  • Online payment services including online card payments;
  • Processing and advancement of electronic direct loans and direct debit transactions on a mass scale;
  • Various payment collection services;
  • Foreign payment services including electronic fund transfer (bank transfers) and checks.

Such services are usually accessible through RIBnet (Internet banking interface).

A digital banking platform meets the latest requirements and supports the following functional:

  • Credits and deposits of corporations/individuals;
  • Cash service office;
  • Currency exchange operations;
  • Money transfers without opening accounts;
  • Utility payments;
  • Proprietary money transfer system without opening accounts;
  • Own and discounted promissory notes;
  • Factoring;
  • Billing;
  • Trade Finance Transactions;
  • Guarantees;
  • Letters of Credit;
  • Card Back Office;
  • Overdraft Lending, Credit Cards;
  • Interbank Credits/Deposits;
  • On-Exchange/Off-Exchange Conversions;
  • Payment Position Forecast;
  • Securities Back Office;
  • Depositories;
  • Precious Metal Back Office.