Program Unit Purpose:

  • A Deed of Guarantee creation and monitoring pursuant to regulatory documents;
  • Payment instrument preparation and binding;
  • Reflection of transactions in accounting;
  • Hard copy creation and print out.


  • Registration of revocable and irrevocable deeds of guarantee;
  • Editing of deeds of guarantee registered;
  • Preparation of on- and off-balance sheet payment instruments;
  • Linking of transactions created in other subsystems to deeds of guarantee;
  • Fee and penalty calculation and creation;
  • Provisions creation and accounting (depends on the country);
  • Reminder of a deed of guarantee events;
  • Flexible customization mechanism of transactions and pricing plans.

Customized presets of transaction accounting (depends on the country).

A Deed of Guarantee type is defined:

  • Revocable / Irrevocable.

A payment instrument type is defined:

  • Internal Payment Order;
  • Interbank Payment Order;
  • Memorial slip, etc.

Types of accounts credited in a transaction are defined:

  • Definition of a type of an account debited.

A transaction amount is determined:

  • Guarantee amount;
  • Fee;
  • Provision accrual, write-off and correction;
  • Changes in a guarantee amount.

Menu Options:

Quick Reference:

  • Maintenance of collateral type, pricing plan, fee, and account layout catalogues for deeds of guarantee.


  • Registration of a deed of guarantee selected.


  • Payment instrument preparation and recovery, binding of transactions created in the “Centralized ABS”.


  • Report preparation on the existing deeds of guarantee.


  • Deed of guarantee deletion and editing;
  • Change in conditions and change history recording;
  • History, transaction and message logs.


  • Obtaining statements;
  • Opening accounts;
  • Account linking to a letter of credit;
  • Quality category correction.


  • General program unit settings and accounting settings.


  • Deed of Guarantee preparation;
  • Modification of terms;
  • Payment instrument preparation;
  • Deed of Guarantee closing;
  • Accounting transaction creation.

Accounting settings:

  • Linking of customers to a Deed;
  • Opening of new accounts;
  • Account linking to a Deed.

Transaction type customization:

  • Funds;
  • Fees;
  • Off-balance sheet;
  • Provisions.