Plastic Cards subsystem

The subsystem implemented in the architecture of the base unit of the “ABS” (Automated Banking System) is designed to solve the issues of information support and automation of business related to products based on bank cards of international and local payment systems.


  • Ensuring the life cycle of payment cards with the support of exchange with the processing center;
  • Settlements with the processing center;
  • Servicing of card products in multi-branch and geographically distributed banks;
  • Flexibly customizable accounting;
  • Servicing of permissible and prohibited overdrafts;
  • Credit cards, grace period.

Outlets servicing:

  • The subsystem allows you to keep records, both in terms of analytical accounts, and in the context of closing accounts;
  • Generation of reports on payment cards;
  • Payroll Card Programs.

The “Plastic Cards” subsystem allows you to upload and process files sent from the PC (Processing Center). It is also possible to create files with completed actions on the cards, with further sending them to the PC (Processing Center).