Task Manager subsystem

The subsystem is to be used within the framework of the process approach and implements the main functions of the workflow environment *:

  • Tasks delegation to the performer and applications;
  • Processing of tasks results;
  • Providing the tools and necessary data to the performer in order to complete the task.

Task and Messages Manager is an autonomous subsystem that allows:

  • To determine business rules and priorities for updating tasks;
  • To bind tasks to specific users or groups;
  • To define a specific execution procedure of “CABS” (Centralized Automated Banking System) or other information system for a task;
  • To establish task control rules;
  • To inform the user about the appearance of the file in the directory;
  • To send out information about the received tasks by e-mail;
  • To provide the user with a single dispatch window with constantly updated list of current business tasks and messages;
  • To notify the user about the current task in a pop-up box;
  • To run business tasks directly from a single dispatch window.

* Workflow is a business process automation technology in which documents, information or tasks are transferred to perform the necessary actions from one participant to another in accordance with a set of procedural rules.